As Managers and HR Professionals we all understand that conflict in the workplace though sometimes unnecessary it is inevitable.

Problems often begin with simple misunderstandings, poor communication or lack of knowledge about the role and job responsibilities of another.

The positive side is if managed properly, conflict can actually strengthen a company and its employees.

Constructive conflict can actually result in cooperation, greater engagement, collective focus on problem-solving and a focus on the issues, NOT personalities.

Unfortunately, due to lack of training and personal agendas, most of the time it tends to unravel and deteriorate.

If ignored or mishandled, conflict…

We are all human, it is common for managers to make “errors” when assessing employee behavior and writing performance appraisal documents.

These errors are reflective of our unconscious biases toward the employee.

These biases can give an employee an unfair advantage or disadvantage over others in their peer group.

The book, Human Resource Strategy, defines rater errors as being reflective of our imperfect judgment of others. It is for this reason that it is important to understand these biases and take them into consideration when preparing a performance appraisal document.

According to Dreher/Dougherty, “A barrier to the accuracy and credibility…

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Trust is defined as ‘a psychological state comprising the intention to accept vulnerability based upon positive expectations of the intentions of behavior of another’ (Rousseau et al 1998).


When we look at the academic literature on leadership and trust, we see many propositions on what leaders should do in order to build trust, or to increase the willingness of their followers to make themselves vulnerable.

What often stays neglected in previous research and studies of this kind is how trustworthy leaders and their endeavours to build trust are actually experienced by the people…

Every stay at a star hotel will always leave an impression in the minds of the guest.

Every guests come with expectations. Expectations of Service, expectation of quality of food , expectation of value for money…Delivering on these expectations is the bare minimum, but if you want to make the difference, if you want to stand out among the best , you will consistently have to exceed those expectations of your guests,not once but time and again, consistently.

A case in point is an example of my experience: I recently stayed at a 5 star Resort, and had a 5-star…

Uday Nayak

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