“A brunette mom affectionately cuddling her young toddler son, who is sat on her knees” by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash


Affection defines the purity of faith between people. Affection is not only the feeling towards another but a gentle feeling of fondness or liking. No-one can bound the people for loving! As well as the willingness of people in love becomes double with time. If you regard someone or something with affection , you like them and are fond of them.Physical way of showing just how much you love someone how much you care for your love is a kind of affection.

‘’ I wasn’t actually in love, but I felt a sort of tender curiosity.’’

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Animals in our surroundings live happily as they don’t know how to differentiate each other they have their own senses which dignifies the purity of their thought n belief as compare to human being because in the world of love and faith people are running in the race of money and fame but animal’s they are just running for their happiness and joy.

‘’ Once upon a time
when the cobalt blue wave sang you a lullaby
it was then, remember?
It was then, when the first of our dawns
found you amongst the seashore,
counting seashells
in between pebbles and salty breaths.’’

- Dimi

In this world many human beings take birth and many die, same as animals and birds but the difference is sometimes people cry and some time they laugh as they get someone in their life n they lose someone very near to their heart but why animals don’t celebrate or they don’t make funeral for their beloved.

‘’ My dog stares at me
with curious eyes, I tell
her to
Sit! Down!
I can’t let her
sit on the couch
baking show’’


Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

As everything which human being do is love? And animals don’t know how to love? The difference is human being sometimes an extraordinary for everything. But animals they are same as they were born with same emotions and feelings of purity.

An old man love his wife is an affection which never ends in true lover, craze to do something for someone is a craze of showing their love and affection to their love one.

Whole world depends upon on the beautiful affection and sentiments which depends on the simple lovely action.

A mother love towards her children is a beautiful affection which requires no law no rules to love an unbounded relation between them which is an biggest example to prove that no one can replace the affection of mother to her children same as other people affection to their most affectionate things.