I’ve seen it all my life.
I mean I’ve looked at it all my life, only now do I truly see it.

Let me tell you how I started seeing it.

It happened one day while I was chilling on the net. Someone said something and got everyone talking. Apparently the something don dey pain for chest for years but them no gree talk.

I was so wrong.

The something in question wasn’t hidden at all. They’ve been complaining about it for years--at first silently, then more verbally over the years. The fight against the something started long time ago. As it would seem, my lastma shirt was a perfect fit in mint condition--well starched, well pressed.
As a woke bobo, I had to start fixing up and join the movement to end the something.

That’s not what this piece is for though, come let me show you what being aware of this something helped me see.

Before I would think she was nagging too much but now I see it as code word for " I’m doing my part and more, and still being treated as less"

Before I would think she was just being demanding but now I see it as code word for " take me seriously, I’m as good as the other guys "

Before I would think she was just being vain but now I see it as code word for " I’m beautiful and I know it"

Before I wouldn’t see her everywhere, but now I long to see her any where.

I’m now aware I have a lot to unlearn and relearn. If I do my part well alongside the other guys, maybe the something will go away...for good.

Live to learn, learn to live.

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