Juliet Shen

This article is BS.

I’ve seen a relationship like this exactly. It’s probably very common. The asian woman treats the asian man like shit… she either does it knowingly, or she doesn’t. When the asian man finally reacts, (he will have to apologize, asian women are crazy), in the form of yelling or breaking furniture, the asian woman then plays the Victim, although it was her actions that lead to that point.

In this case, she wanted to open the relationship so she could most likely fuck her friend (most likely a white guy or non-asian guy), then come home to the asian guy and use the asian guy as an emotional punching bag, basically treat him like shit and get away with it. While fucking the other guy.

Based on what she looks like, she is probably a huge bitch that treated her asian man with disrespect. Looks like a wanna be feminazi. Asian men are very gentle, but if you constantly treat them like shit, what else would you expect? Unless they’re doing it on purpose to get the reaction, so they can post their flawed experiences on websites like these.

TLDR? Asian women are fucking crazy.

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