My Experience So Far in Boot camp-Day 3

Today is the third day and brighter than the past two days. This morning brightness comes with a unique refreshment that nourishes an enthusiastic developer to desire to learn and do more.
The three things planned to be done include:
1. Work on my daily challenges: Begin my challenge, yes begin from the very first challenge and if possible complete it today. Guess you know what that means, that is to say, begin challenge one all through to challenge four. Crazy..? Let’s get started
The first challenge was to design a webpage User Interphase. In order to implement this task, folders were created under sub-folders. The renaming was done, and images collected from the search engine. There was really no need to create an image afresh when there at loads of images at our reach.

Secondly, coding stated. In each sub-folder codes were created and embedded. The testing was done and coding continuation. While in the course of delivering these work functions, we have an in-between question and answer sections to keep the program section interactive. In the course, more tips were explored and new knowledge adhered.


2. Review the new skills acquired:

Taking notes is vital. I did collect as much information as possible while asking questions. Well, the feedback from my peers were encouraging and guess what?? We were all learning. The fact that everyone around within the program has one new skill to build one and the other an information to share inspires every moment of this period. We kept on learning.

3. Have a section with my peers: it’s been very busy for me that catching up with peers is a challenge of its own. At the start of the program, every participant was full of energy and wanting to effect change on any given task. People did not really catch the bond flue as there were lots to be done. As the days go by, the daily task becomes less lump sum as peers learn how to collaborate and assist one another. This did not change the fact that each participant has to submit its end-of-day output at the close of the business day.
In the course of collaborative work, we got to the names of one another and what each team member was executing.
Generally, the whole experience is fun and the desire to learn new tools keeps increasing. This is what is defined as the act of learning with the collaborative team spirit.