My Experience So Far in Bootcamp

Day-1 at Bootcamp

Leaning is a lot fun

My first day at Andela Bootcamp was stressful. First, I have to start with the installation of git version control to my PC.

In the start of the program, it found it a little bite taskful to comprehend the red-green refractor. I tried to understand every topic and subject discussed at the bootcamp section.

Learning in general is thing I enjoy doing and the unique thing with learning are embedded into attitude towards comprehending the subject of discussion. Yes, no man was born with a complete encyclopedia of knowledge. Knowledge is as a matter of matter acquired, and every human has the same opportunity to knowledge acquisition.

Hence, I have categorize the learning and knowledge stimulation into three categories:

1. Self-realization and learning speed: In brief, the speed of learning depends totally on the individual learning ability, but a well prepared mind is like a fertile soil readily prepare for cultivation. One of the ways to well-equipped myself for swift learning is to clear all that I have warehoused in the little space called mind and be ready for a rapid upload of new data information for the act of behavioral and practical cognitive science application. On to the next one.

2. Knowledge to the acquired: the fact remains that data is everything. Take for an instances, that I was given a task- develop a mobile application that transfers money (fund) from one wallet account to another. Common sense would insinuate that I dust my programming skills on jave for the implementation of this request other that go learn another programming language. This takes us to the acquired skills should be geared to expected output.

3. Acquired Skills and expected output: In the world of learning, there are lots of data for consumption which in return should yield a productive output. It is very key and important to learn in line with a set target in order to not to derail out of track. Bearing this in mind, it is very key to study using a guide which is the daily task output.

Day-2 at Bootcamp

Yes, today I can smile not because I got it all perfect and all outstanding done and completed, not really, but yes there is a brighter today. I have to break down my work inflows in to segments.

· Review all outstanding videos and materials for the bootcamp program

· Share peers view and resolution of assessment

· Sit tight to review and resolve my daily expectation and

· Finally solve the outputs for submission.

You still want more?? Let’s have the boss’ slamming… ;)

Thank you.

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