The Job Hunt

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The Job Hunt.

I have been having this struggle in my mind about how best to put the message I want to share in the best possible light.

I plead ahead of time to anyone who may feel offended by this. I employ you to look beyond how you feel to the message I’m sharing.

A few days ago I was helping my friend recruit people for his tech hub in Abuja, Nigeria. This tech hub is one of the prestigious tech agencies in Abuja so you can imagine the sort of people they were looking to hire.

There were many positions to fill and so I quickly put the word out on numerous platforms and the CV’s started rolling in. In less than 24 hours I had received about 40 applications and I was getting excited until I started going through the CV’s….

Needless to say I was very pained at some of the responses I was getting. I’ll tell just a few of the most ridiculous ones then move on.

  1. There was a certain guy who labelled his CV “Jesus Picking”. I was really taken aback. Questions that flew across my mind went like this “if I don’t read this is Jesus supposed to attack me?” “Oh! So writing Jesus on your CV now gives you an upper hand abi” “He can’t even spell “pickin” right or wait! Is he calling on Jesus to select his CV?”…

2. Most people sent CV’s without indicating what they were applying for. Truly I’m not a spirit there is no way ill guess what you’re applying for. Do you even know what you’re applying for or you heard someone was collecting CV’s and you jumped on the bus not knowing where the bus was heading.

3. This one pained me the most. I really felt insulted like it was personal (it wasn’t sha!) some people sent me a forwarded mail they had forwarded to maybe 4 or 5 different people and without indicating what they were applying for. REALLY?! It was as though we were not worthy enough for their CV’s to be properly addressed and tailored to suit the organisation that will potentially be paying their salaries. I was like “see these ones oh!

So many stories but we will strive not to make this ranting any longer than necessary. #dearnigerianyouth too many people have said that we are intelligent but unemployable and I have begun to see it in practical reality.

We ought to take things seriously and be intentional about what we want and what we are doing. There isn’t the time or space for wishy washy behaviours. The world is moving too fast to accommodate such.

Buckle up people and one great advice:


In my next post I’ll write out some lessons to learn before applying for a job and who knows I might include a little gist about the interview. It was like those singing or vocal reality show auditions and you know how they get… #wink

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