TO DO’s for TO DO Lists.

One of the most difficult things to do is create a habit consciously. Especially if it is not something you refer to as a pleasurable or enjoyable exercise.

If I was to create a habit of eating chocolates and candy, it won’t be a tad bit difficult but to create a habit of eating less and less of these things till I can totally eradicate it from my diet, mehn! Will that be a difficult one.

Some of the things I’ll be listing below will require you to build habits that will help you achieve your desired goal.

It’ll require PLANNING.

Imagine having a wedding party without planning, running a family without planning or a government going to war without planning, can you imagine what catastrophe and disaster lies ahead?

It is the same with your dreams and goals. You have to be deliberate about achieving and you have to plan towards it. That means that you will have to cut down on something’s and step up on others.

So here are some things we should try:

1. Review day:

Take a day out in week and label it “my review day”. Use it to review the week. Ask yourself these questions.

a. What did I set out to achieve last week?

b. How much did I achieve?

c. How much is left?

d. What stopped me from achieving it?

2. Dream:

What’s the dream? What is your big picture? What is the overall goal? Try to answer all these questions on paper not in your mind. There is something about writing things on paper or on your system or talking about it that gives definition to what you want to achieve and a possibility to it. After this stage we can move to point 3…

3. Break it down:

Write out what you want to achieve in the week and then break them down to daily goals.

There are so many platforms that can help keep you in check with your daily to do list’s. I personally use so far it has worked for me. If you aren’t a fan of the online platform you can also use OneNote in your Microsoft office software.

4. Make it fun:

We don’t stay faithful to our resolutions because it is to us more like laborious work. Make your routine fun. Give yourself a treat or a reward after accomplishing a set of goals. For instance if your goal is to build a savings culture, tell yourself you’ll splurge on (whatever your fetish is) if you’re able to save a particular amount of money. However, your reward should not be detrimental to your achievements.

The principle is one day at a time. Don’t go all in, start gradually and take it a step at a time. Build your forest, tree by tree and you’ll get there.

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