3:00am. A picture of a street just outside my window.

Earlier this month, I joined a new team within my company and a colleague (another designer) took me out to get coffee and basically talk. I came out of that meeting feeling like I’d just had the MOST HONEST conversation in my life – at least for as long as I can remember. The worst part is that I was not honest during our talk.

It wasn’t guarded; there were no undertones; it was transparent. He spoke his truth, told me about his life, his family, his struggles. He was free, happy, genuinely happy.

We bonded over coming from not-so-great…

In recent weeks, my thoughts were frequently interrupted by different questions. These questions can easily be framed in the form of “how did I get here?”.

Well to take away your unease, “here” is not a bad place. It’s great actually, although slightly different from what I had imagined I’d be doing with my life but waay better.

Here? (Kinda)

@udezekene Twitter bio.

Whenever I try to answer this question, I am led back to the day in October 2011, when I walked into the 6th floor of a building in Yaba. I’m not great at remembering things, but this memory stuck out.

The walls…

Dear Human,

This is our thank you.

We did a lot of growing up this year; First, we changed our name from UXLagos to USABLE, then we expanded to a new city — Abuja.

We also learned a lot by playing host to the attendees. It’s been a VERY memorable year.

Big ups to the Abuja community for embracing us, to re:learn for hosting us and to @emmienemaks for leading the charge. And thanks for bearing with us through the meetups without our traditional pie and drinks — it’s change😂😂.

We couldn’t be prouder of our Lagos community who remained…

UXLagos October Meetup — 2015.

I sent out this tweet soon after the last UXLagos meetup on Thursday, 26th May:

I couldn’t believe it’s been that long and that many! Well it’s been two years and counting!

Twenty seven — 27

I suck at writing; good thing I know. The bad news for you is that i’m going to be doing more of that this year.

I just turned 27 today and I was deeply ashamed about it!

I was deeply ashamed because I felt so unaccomplished; that I’ve let down the people I care about. I’d stare at the mirror and wonder about the brilliance people have commented on; I constantly live in the fear that someone will discover that I’m a fraud — that i don’t know jack shit about what i’m doing. …


Product Designer • Community Organizer - @usable_ • Speaker • Pretend Chef • Human

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