DogeHouse : Taking voice conversations to the moon 🚀

DogeHouse is an open-source audio chat on the web. No more begging for invitations. Works across all platforms. Powered by Doge.

The project started as a joke, it all started with adding Instagram stories to VSCode. Later the project escalated to become a VSCode clubhouse. In the end, it became DogeHouse.

The current interface of the DogeHouse web App.

Who is Ben & what he does?

Ben Awad is a software developer who runs a youtube channel, which has 256k subs. He makes videos about React, GraphQL, Typescript, Node.js, PostgreSQL and all things coding.

He’s from Austin, Texas, United States and studied at The University of Texas at Dallas.

He had recently made some crazy VSCode extensions like tinder for VSCode called Vsinder and Instagram like stories for VSCode but later sold it.

Vsinder for VSCode

How DogeHouse started.

say hello to my latest project, DogeHouse, which may or may not be a Clubhouse clone with — open sign ups — cross platform support (yes it works on android) — dark theme — text chat — open source — powered by Doge

DogeHouse started as a fun project. Firstly, it was called VSCode Clubhouse, but due to restrictions in VSCode and project complications, he decided to make it a standalone web app.

Later he shifted the whole project to a new website and named it DogeHouse. It is currently under development as an open-source project. Anyone can join the development and test the app at the same time.

  • He might join @Jason’s incubator.
  • A total redesign of the UI is in the works, Scheduled rooms.
  • Over +70 open-source contributors so far!
  • supports 13 languages now.

Join DogeHouse

What’s clubhouse and why do we need clubhouse.

Photo by clubhouse on playstore

“Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat iPhone app launched in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth of Alpha Exploration Co. that offers room for discussions between two or more speakers.”

So, the clubhouse is an invitation and iPhone only app. There’s a vast opportunity for a multiplatform app, which is open for all. There are many companies in the race. Twitter has announced about Twitter Spaces Facebook is also working on this.

In the messaging app space, we have an open-source player like Signal, then why not here. And it's fun to be part of something. Having conversations about the bugs on an app that is full of bugs.

Twitter Spaces announcement.

What’s in the name.

Photo of Doge

After Elon Musk praised and shared memes about Dogecoin since the doge is on the rise. People are creating memes on doge and searching for them over the internet.

So, naming the app as dogehouse was a clever move. It’s also fun to imagine what a doge themed social media would look like in real. So, are you ready for taking voice conversations to the moon 🚀?

Join the development.

What I think is that DogeHouse is a fun project and as Ben announced he’s going to turn over this into a billion-dollar company.

I am skeptical about this, but I would love to see a joke turning into a billion-dollar shaggy-dog story.

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udgamreads is an innovative educational platform that intends to change our perspective towards education through its high-quality content.

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