How to keep your city clean and hygienic

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We all do our utmost to keep our home clean. Also, when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, we turn into best orators; so how our surrounds are not as clean as our homes? Just give it a thought, how many of us truly make an effort to clean our surrounds or have stopped people from spreading dirt? We tend to be the best critics of our society, when we notice unattended garbage or dirty roads, we hold the municipal corporation workers responsible for this, and it’s true it’s their task to keep the city clean but what about our social responsibilities? Here are a few tips, proposed by Udhavum Ullangal Illam, to keep your city clean and hygienic.
1. Prevent littering and dispose garbage appropriately
Many of us have a terrible habit of disposing the garbage right on the spot where we are sitting or standing. It is just not ethical; don’t do that. Avoid spreading litter in your streets, your surrounds, in water bodies, or your society. Start with yourself by becoming a role model and convince others to do the same.
2. Sort your Garbage
Sorting garbage appears to be a routine task or a tedious task? However, it’s one of the most efficient ways of controlling the trash disposal crises prevailing in the world. Sort them under two categories, i.e. biodegradable and non biodegradable. Once you start implementing then convince your neighbours also to repeat the same. Undoubtedly, you will observe a radical change in the environment contamination condition.
3. Uphold Hygiene
Diarrhoea is among the leading killers of children, accounting for 10 per cent of all deaths amid homeless children under the age of 5, worldwide, as per the (UNICEF) and many NGO’s. Dirty hands is one of the major causes of Diarrhoea; children and elders both must wash their hands properly and frequently, especially before eating and encourage others to do the same.
4. Re-Use and Re-cycle
Reuse and recycle are the two magical mantras in developing cleaner surroundings. If there is something which you don’t require anymore; discover another way of using it, if not then look for someone who might need it; if it’s wrecked, then try to repair it before disposing.

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Udhavum Ullangal is a free home for orphan children organized by a team of retired and like minded people from various organizations.

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