Undocumented Immigrant Does Not Equal Violent Criminal
Robert A Stribley

A) Illegal is illegal — so illegal immigrants are doing something… illegal duh! You want to allow anyone who enters your country illegally an automatic pass, just to NOT be labelled a racist?

B) If you allow illegal activity of one type — why have courts of law at all? What message are you sending your law-abiding citizens?

C)Of course not all illegal immigrants are rapists, murderers and petty thieves, BUT —how about a bit of common sense: It’s pretty clear that anyone entering illegally probably doesn’t have a great job and the means to get by from where they came from (otherwise they would have stayed in their own country or tried to convince the US immigration that they should be considered for US citizenship). Human beings should have compassion and try to help those in need but this has to stop at the borders (except when dealing with refugees and then it also needs to be done in a very organized way). Otherwise — in effect — you are letting in many poor, uneducated people into the US — to the degree that some might have no choice but to become thieves in order to survive. Even if not — chances are they will live off of welfare money — in other words - legal US citizens see their tax money go to support families of illegal immigrants, some who might also take their jobs. Well done. Look how that’s turning out in Europe.

D) There is the security issue: If borders are like Swiss cheese — anyone can enter easily — including Jihadists and other dangerous individuals. Even without excessive fear-mongering — this is unacceptable. Again — look at Europe — is that what you want for your country?

E) Once again — look at Europe — by being soft and lenient — you send a message where it is well worth it to try and cross the borders illegally. Australia has it right — albeit they have an easier job since they only need to patrol the ocean. No boat is allowed in — period. Europe — with its disastrous immigration policies — has made it very clear that it is worth it to become a trader in human lives (for extortionate amounts of money) and of course — that it is a good idea for millions to risk their lives to try and cross the Mediterranean on their way to Europe.

So — while I too would love to live in a fairy-tale world where there are no borders and no need for them either — it is high time the regressives start to THINK and STOP name-calling anyone who realizes the truth of what I have just posted. We are NOT all rednecks and racists — we have genuine legitimate reasons to fear these policies and expect our governments to tackle them headstrong.

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