The one thing that can stop Trump
Tobias Stone

How about stopping Trump by championing a worthy opponent? Too late for that I guess.

How about admitting that Trump is the direct result of the PC stranglehold in University campuses, the media and anything “progressive”?

I cannot stand Trump and if I were an American I would not have voted for him. But I will say it again — Trump, just like Farage and Johnson, just like Le Pen — is the direct result of the leftist stance which rings “we are the only ones who hold the truth and any who oppose us are racists, bigots and uneducated rednecks” (just look at the jerk-reaction after “Brexit” and you will see what I mean). Trump could well prove to be a disaster if he is elected (which I seriously doubt will happen). Yet Hillary, just like the left in Europe — will bring disaster of a different kind. Merkel is importing war into Europe — maybe not today, maybe not in this decade — but once demographic shifts really start to be felt in many quarters in Europe — it will happen. Who is to say Hillary won’t go the same path? It’s a choice between a rock and a hard place. Jeez! Can’t America come up with anyone better?! Someone who isn’t a populist demagogue like Trump but realizes the many issues associated with illegal immigration and Islamization?

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