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Martin Harries

OMG! You are such an Islamophobe! (sarcasm)

Yes — you are absolutely correct. The thing is — the majority of Muslims are (of course) not terrorists and most victims of IS are in fact Muslims. Having said that — this claim that Islamic terrorism (including that of IS) has nothing to do with Islam — is a sad joke, an oxymoron. It has plenty to do with Islam. Many Islamic terrorists worldwide were well educated and came from a high socio-economical background. So any excuses that they did what they did because they were poor and depressed (as if that is any excuse to massacre people) are just that — excuses made by leftist apologists. That they shouted “Alahu Akbar” and left notes claiming they wanted to get to heaven where 72 virgins await them — that is proof enough it has everything to do with the teachings of Islam. Islam today is where Catholicism was in the dark ages (only far more widespread and dangerous). Is it any wonder that 70% of the world’s conflicts are in the Middle East?

As an Israeli Jew who lives in Jerusalem — Ramadan to me marks the month where more terrorist attacks occur, where parts of the city are off-limits, traffic is congested and everyone is alert and fearful. Do I still wish “Ramadan Kareem” to my Muslim friends and colleagues? Of course. But deep down I think Islam is in dire need of reformation — for the sake of humanity. Is there a chance it will happen? Yes — but it is a slight chance and will take a long time and time is running out.