How To Write About Palestine
Meerabelle Jesuthasan

This was very well written and I agree with the gist of it — that is — the conflict is so complex no-one can or should draw conclusions based on even a 3-month intense personal experience (not to mention the droves who are so-called experts based on some shallow media coverage). However — I feel a bias. Yes — I am Israeli and maybe if I were a Palestinian I would feel differently. Eyal Darshan made some good points. This is not a David vs. Goliath case. Yes — Israel has the 5th most powerful military in the world and the Palestinians have nothing even remotely resembling such power. But they have terror tactics. More and more people in the world — certainly in Europe and the US — realize how much damage just one terrorist can cause. A group of terrorists can bring a huge and powerful country to its’ knees. Israel has to deal with terror attacks on a daily basis and has had to endure this situation for years. In addition — it is surrounded by enemy countries so in fact — the Israeli Jews are the minority — not the Palestinians. Palestinians can live in any Arab or Muslim country in addition to Western countries. Israeli Jews have no such option. With Hamas in Gaza — any other country would probably have wiped Gaza off the face of the earth. Israel drops pamphlets warning civilians to evacuate. Israel negotiates for peace. It has proven time and again that it is willing to make huge concessions for peace (returning the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt is the prime example but Israel has already made huge concessions towards the Palestinians and in return has received more and more terror).

So a very well written piece and it isn’t easy to write about this troubled region without drawing some very venomous responses. I believe mine was of a different nature. Peace.

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