Udo Neumann

In 2020, Team Japan widened its lead in bouldering!

First and foremost, the purpose of these videos is to provide a record of international bouldering competitions. The 2020 season was fractured with only few truly international comps happening, these compilations are a quick opportunity to gain insight. I often provide splitscreens to facilitate comparisons between different climbers.

For insiders, like national coaches they give clear indications of which (national) programs are successful and where there is stagnation. For route-setters the videos are condensed views into what is working and what is not. For athletes, coaches and route-setters they are cornucopia of insight into the current state of bouldering!

For your convenience I provided links in the Youtube descriptions so that you can jump directly to the event you are interested in.

Bouldering Competitions 2020 — female highlights
Bouldering Competions 2020 — male highlights