Read along to know how I use the task management feature of this “restricted-to-Apple’s-ecosystem” app, on an Android device.

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Some of the most beautiful apps are indeed only available for the ecosystem that bears the name of the forbidden fruit. The cherry on the cake is when the alluring UI of the app is married with killer features. If you are even a teeny-weeny bit like me, then you would want to organise and plan everything running across the dimensions of your grey matter, well in advance. Hence, the need for a calendar and a task management app arises.

Let me enlighten you about all the calendars and to-do configurations that I use every day. I work with two Google calendars, one for my home related stuff and the other for work. Then I have a few zillion recurring reminders for home, family, and work-related tasks. I have some tasks added in Microsoft ToDo, a few in iCloud reminders, and another calendar that I rarely use directly and therefore, I sync it using CalDav. Reasonably simple setup, right? Now, any smartphone’s inbuilt calendar app can display calendar events from one or more Google or Outlook calendars. But then there are hardly any cross-platform calendar apps that double up as a full-fledged task management app. At any given point of time, there are more tasks than calendar events on a regular day in my routine. …

No, it is not Outlook, or maybe it is. Let me share my perspective


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macOS dock displaying icons of Apple Mail, Kiwi for Gmail, Outlook and Airmail

I am a sucker for good quality productivity apps, and email client is one such app that I use daily. …

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You'll like this movie if:

  1. You like your hero to be made of Gorilla Glass so much so that even a bunch of arrows aimed at him will not do him much harm.
  2. You like a hatti-katti heroine :P
  3. You slobber for overtly done CGI that sometimes look plain fake copied from some cheap comic book series.
  4. You like to see clouds magically transform into horses and gods.
  5. You’d like to see a bridge made of Bhaahubali’s brawns and not boulders for the heroine to reach the boat.
  6. You’d want to believe that shooting three arrows with a bow at once is just a child’s play. …


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