Lazy Sunday

It was well past eight in the morning when I woke up, squirming in my bed only to think that this Sunday is going to be a lazy one. Not because I was hell bent on not getting out from my bed but because since the past few weeks I have been thinking and mentally planning for this lethargic reward I had to give to myself one fine day and today, was my day.

The family had already left for a mini picnic to a nearby place on the outskirts of the city and I was all by myself. I had chosen specifically not to go anywhere this Sunday.

Standing in the lanai adjacent to the bedroom, sipping my morning chai laden with ginger and cardamom, I was watching the vast expanse of greenery indiscriminately when the doorbell rang. It took me a good one minute to distract myself from the self-pampering exercise I was deeply involved into to answer the door.

A young man dressed to-a-tee greeted me and presented a beautiful and delightfully fragrant bouquet of Lilac. A note written on a bespoke paper invited me to a brunch at one of my most favorite restaurants serving global cuisine. This of course, was gifted to me by my wife.

It was a beautiful surprise and although I had planned not to move an inch out of the house for the entire day, this was one offer I could not refuse. The cherry on the cake was a chauffeur driven vintage car arranged to save me from the monotony of driving. Heaven!

Unwilling to take myself to the bathroom for a shower at first, the idea of a lavish brunch excited me enough and I got dressed in no time. By 10:30 am when I finally got into the luxurious and exquisitely maintained vintage car that came to pick me up, the chauffeur welcomed me and asked, if I was taking my medicines on time.

Before I could respond to his abrupt question, I came back to my senses and realized that a nurse was repeatedly patting on my shoulder and asking me if I have been taking my medicines on time to which I annoyingly said “YES” and nodded my head in acknowledgement. Throughout this time in my induced sleep, I was living a life I always dreamt of.
Throughout this time in my induced sleep, I was living a life I always dreamt of.

I was in a state of trance and can hear mumbling sounds from a distance which gradually became clearer as I got hold of myself. The doctor was praising the alternate therapy he has just subjected me to and was trying to comfort my family by informing that this will definitely reduce the antagonistic effects which became prominent after my mental state started deteriorating rapidly. He also asked my family to continue this therapy at least once every week for the years to come.

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