2 baby steps to reach your goals

After my Product Design education of four and half years when the companies came for placements I found myself in a puddle of all UX design companies trying to get candidates. Me being from a core product background didn’t have much work in the UX Design department. Well, obviously that meant my portfolio was zero on User Experience Design and all companies who came asked for some work in that domain.

In total I gave around 12 interviews and faced rejection. Every other interview I used to go to I used to be optimistic. But every interview was the same story. I called my parents to tell them about the trauma I was going through. they just had one thing to say to me “ Don’t give up. Keep trying. Keep throwing stones atleast one will hit the target” I did just that for the next few interviews. Got rejected in all of the first 7 interviews. The next 2 months were a horrifying 2 months of my life. I went from self doubt to considering myself completely worthless. But I learnt about UX and worked my ass off those 2 months.

Went for second round of interviews after the two months. Got rejected in next few interviews too, but then I thought I can’t let these chances go to waste like this I need to tell the interviewers what I want too.

During the last interview when the interview was about to get over I asked the interviewer who happened to be the CEO of the startup ‘ if they dont want to employ me permanently, can they provide me with an internship for a few months so that I can get exposure to User Experience Design for apps and websites ?’ He did write that suggestion down and guess what? I did get a call after 2 days to join their office as an intern for 6 months with a decent stipend.

I learnt that day that whatever happens never give up hope and ask what you want. Don’t be shy. Most importantly keep trying and don’t give up because if you give your 100 percent nothing can stop you from reaching your goals.

Yes, this is cheesy everyone says these lines. I know. But, I learnt through my personal experience and hence would always believe in it.

Dosnt everything get better once you start believing in it.

Keep trying , Keep asking. Because only you know what you want.