Adobe Photoshop ‘0’ — Me ‘1’

Getting over photoshop fears

Once upon a time

Me: * Spends 5 full minutes gathering courage and patience to work in Photoshop.* Opens Adobe Photoshop.

10 minutes into working in Photoshop

Also me: * Naaah, tooo slow cant do it, cant do it. Mission abort.* Closes Photoshop and opens Illustrator. Hush!Exerts sigh of relief*

PHOTOSHOP for me seemed to be a very slow, irritating and frustrating experience it was basically a ‘software torture’.

One fine day I decided ‘Cant let a software win, Gotta fight this battle myself’

I went to the only place every one goes to for help YouTube. I searched for Photoshop UI tutorials and started watching tutorials just for fun. After 2 or 3 videos I opened Photoshop, this time without courage gathering exercise and started replicating what the tutorial was suggesting. Garrett Malone has a youtube channel where he has tutorials explaining each and every step.

I spent 2 days following his tutorials and heres what I was able to accomplish this in one of his tutorials. I did not follow the colours and logos that he used but added my own twists to it to make this.

Approximate time: 2 Hours

So, guys I strongly recommend you go to his channel and try his tutorials out. And, this is not any kind of advertisement its my personal experience.

Do not let the software win over you, Fight it!

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