Separated by a thousand miles,

Treacherous seas and weeded isles

Talking of the night dark and days sunny,

Not allowing distance to have the hegemony

As the longing grows and happens a segue

From despair to ecstasy and back

Notwithstanding the constraints we face

Disobedient to the time’s track

The crinkles of your chortles and

The sound of your breath

Inspite of the virtuality makes,

You sit at an arm’s length

It is the memories we weave every night,

That makes this seem alright

It maybe a step too small,

But a leap so giant…

Distance shall not dictate,

The terms and of our run

As a dewdrop on the green,

Can reflect the moon and the sun

What is real and what is farce,

Mind again ruminates

Beneath the pain of being apart,

Is the hope of this to culminate

Sanity takes a backseat

Technology comes to rescue

The way I feel glued to this

It is rare and and I rue-

The distance again is the reason

To not see your face,

But with the destiny

I somehow manage to brace

No witness to our murmurs,

Except the silence of the night

But in the midst of it all,

The connect comes to dazzle

Feelings refuse to subside,

Mind cannot decipher the fuss

Amidst the awkward silence,

The stars are rooting for us…