The Next Generation Workshop at Ahmedabad

19th March 2017:

It all began a month ago..(literally..) :D

I was looking for my next destination to host the next workshop after hosting the first one in Mumbai.

Tick tock tick tock..and I decided, it has to be Ahmedabad!

That’s when I got in touch with my dear friend Vivek Sancheti, and the countdown began.

We had multiple challenges, from arranging our first workshop together, managing the speakers, food, location, staying in contact with the users to pretty much every else. (Never thought event management was such a big challenge)…

..but Vivek did an amazing job.

Truth to be told, he did most of the management part of the scene, while I was managing the front end..

We had multiple hiccups because our first preferred destination was The Project Cafe which turned out to be a bad choice because of various reasons.

The amount of time we had to finalize the next location was challenging, but this is where Vivek absolutely loves taking challenges!

He quickly scouted few locations, and then sent me some pictures of Qwiches (P.S. Vivek and I are promoting them a bit because they really discounted the event to make the place very affordable for all of us).

The Next biggest challenge was to have the right speaker on board.

Vivek and I knew our field very well…

Where I spoke everything about PBNs to rank n bank, Vivek has a special skill set of automating and generating traffic with that automation to rank n bank. (The rank n bank sounds cool.. :D)

This is where we managed to convince Aditya Soni, Dhaval Kakkad, and Karan Wyas.


We managed to get Mr. Jaydip Parikh for a special AMA session to answer some of the most complicated SEO questions asked by the one of the most energetic audience I have ever seen!

Unfortunately, Dhaval had to walk out the very last moment as he got sick. Hopefully, we get to hear him next time.

(A little secret, I didn’t sleep on 18th midnight as I was working on the presentation)..

I had a morning flight to catch..

5.20am to be precise..I have to leave for the Airport at 2.30am for the airport to avoid the massive security check line that could take more than an hour to clear at times.

(Quick Advice for all the travelers, if you are traveling via Mumbai International Airport, make sure to keep an extra hour in hand for the security clearance).

Neel Agrawal was traveling with me from Mumbai..

Finally, we got the cab and were the first ones to reach the Qwiches.

Everyone slowly started coming…

We got some hiccups with the setup, but finally, everything was in place and then it began..

It was me who was leading the stage..

You guessed it right; I was the first one to speak..

Udit Goenka at The Next Generation Workshop

(My Only smiling picture in the entire event, if group photos are not counted) :D

I started talking about PBNs..

I was living for PBNs, eating PBNs, drinking PBNs, talking to PBNs, talking about PBNs.. (Yes, a bit about GoPBN as well)..

I hope that makes me a poet! (Do leave your comment and let me know :D)

Finally, after over an hour and half of power pack performance (I know I am bragging a bit.. fine I will stop :P).. speech was over!

Pheww! Everyone clapped, and I was delighted, happy, enthusiastic, and more synonyms..

I felt happy instantly..

because my objective was to deliver something fresh, something new to the crowd, and I was hoping they will respond well for my session..

They did! Thank You so much, everyone, for such an amazing energy!


It was time for Vivek Sancheti to take over the stage

Vivek Sancheti at The Next Generation Workshop

Vivek has some exception coding skills, and he loves automation.

Vivek lives automation, eats automation, drinks automation, talks to automation, and talks about automation

He gave some very fresh insights about how to automate, make scripts and rank them to Google to generation millions of sessions.

The idea was fresh, unique and never spoken previously.

His Automation, along with my PBN combination can give you a whole different level of player!

We went Facebook Live..

Do make sure to check out the Video on Facebook, or I have uploaded the same video YouTube. (Sorry, I know the quality is not that good, but I will make sure to have a professional Video Shooting team next time).

That’s it! Vivek’s session was amazing. Everyone was very happy, which was extremely important

Yay! was time for lunch break, as everyone was super hungry..

Shortly after the lunch, the session was resumed back, this time on stage was Aditya Soni..

Aditya Soni at The Next Generation Workshop

Aditya Soni is an expert with Flipping.

He has sold many sites generation hundreds and thousands of dollar.

Aditya lives flipping, eats flipping, drinks flipping, talks to flipping, and talks about flipping

Aditya has been in the flipping industry for a long time, and holds a lot of experience in buying and selling websites.

He gave some new, and fresh insights about acquiring clients, how to deal with them, convince them to buy the websites.

Not only that, he emphasized everyone to build a better, stronger and longer relationship with all the clients so that reselling them more sites becomes a lot easier.

The crowd absolutely loved his session, as the points he shared were fresh.

Aditya specially flew from Kolkata to Ahmedabad, special thanks to him.

After that energetic session, it was time for the next speaker.

It was Karan Wyas, who holds over 100 blogs came onboard.

Karan Wyas at The Next Generation Workshop

Karan has got some exception SEO skills, he makes most of his income through Adsense.

He loves ranking event blogging sites, along with bunch of other undisclosed niches.

Karan lives Event Blogging, eats Event Blogging, drinks Event Blogging, talks to Event Blogging, and talks about Event Blogging

Everyone was very excited to listen to Karan as he is known personality in the Indian Blogging Industry.

Karan shared some amazing insights about On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, backlinks and much more..

He also shared some fresh ideas of event blogging and answered a lot of event blogging question related queries that have been lingering around on people’s mind for a long time.

..guess what?

He managed to answer them all!

Everyone was applauding, another fantastic session!


It was time for our special guest Mr. Jaydip Parikh to come on board.

Jaydip Parikh at The Next Generation Workshop

Mr. Praikh needs no introduction. He runs one of the most reputable Digital Marketing Firm in Ahmedabad with some big well-known clients under his Kitty.

With several years of experience (literally experience of over a decade)..

It was an honor to have him as our special speaker for the AMA session..

It was so generous that he attended the workshop..

Many people started asking him one of the most complicated questions, but he tackled them with such an ease and breeze!

People were thrilled as he answered every question with a lot of patience.

Finally! It was time, the workshop was officially over, the smile that I saw on everyone’s face not only made me thrilled but made me so happy that I could contribute so much more towards the community with a sole intention of helping out the community as much as possible.

I have to thank each and every person who trusted Vivek & me..

…and attended the workshop!

Thank You so much Ahmedabad so such a warm welcome, it was my first visit, I am coming back soon..

Thank you everyone for so much love, and support.

Here are some more Awesome Picture from the event..

If you want to check out more Photos then here is the link

A special thanks to Pradeep Kumar for letting me post in the AWESOME group Hellbound Bloggers Group aka HellBound Bloggers (HBB).

Also, special thanks my brother and business associate Oscar Hernandez, who has been handling everything behind the scene for GoPBN and PowerUpHosting

Final thanks to one of the best event capturing photographer Hemang Bhutiya.

The Next Generation Workshop Session #1 Video
The Next Generation Workshop Session #2 Video

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