Adroitlogic IMonitor-X — The management dashboard for UltraESB-X

Last week, Adroitlogic introduced a new member to its X-stack, which is the Adroitlogic Integration Monitor aka IMonitor-X. IMonitor-X is a unified web based graphical dashboard to the manage of UltraESB-X instances and Ultra Projects deployed in them. So let’s take a quick look at the key features that IMonitor-X provides.

Administration of UltraESB-X instances

As pointed out earlier, IMonitor-X provides the capabilities to administer any number of UltraESB-X instances thorugh a single IMonitor-X instance. Even though these UEX instances may be deployed in different remote servers and belong to different cluster spaces, IMonitor-X has the ability to connect to them though their REST based management endpoints and retrieve information or execute management operations.

Also, if these UEX instances are configured to use Adroitlogic JDBC log appender, IMonitor-X can be effectively utilized to monitor those logs without going through the trouble of logging in to each of your remote servers. Not only that, these logs can be filtered by severity, by UltraESB-X instance, cluster space, project ID and project version to pin point any kind of runtime issue.

Seamless project lifecycle management

Another major use case of IMonitor-X is the management of Ultra Projects, the independent deployment units of UltraESB-X. In addition to the project management operations such as start/stop operations, IMonitor-X provides the facilities to access in-depth information of each project as well as its related entities such as integration flows and connectors. Also the access to each project can be restricted to separate groups of users, so they can manage their own projects independently without being distracted with non-relevant project details.

Comprehensive metrics & statistics

By utilizing the well known analytical power of Elasticsearch, IMonitor-X provides comprehensive statistics covering all major aspects of UltraESB-X, ultra projects, integration flows as well as ingress/egress connectors. Also if you need to monitor any custom metrics stream which is not provided by IMonitor-X by default, there is a custom metrics feature that caters this exact requirement.

In addition to that, the configurable widget dashboard of IMonitor-X also comes handy when you need to take a quick grasp on the health and performance of your UltraESB-X clusters.

Fine-grained user management

All the above mentioned powerful features of IMonitor-X are backed by a fine grained user management scheme which can be used either as a database backed user base or as an active-directory backed user base. This user management feature provides the flexibility to limit and restrict what information that each group of users can access or what management operations that they are allowed to perform.

In addition to that, the in-built auditing feature generates and persists audit logs for each critical user activity, ensuring the transparency and the non-repudiation.

So, if you are interested in trying out IMonitor-X, head to the product page on our website and download an evaluation copy that can be used for 30 days without any restrictions. Also, you can have a look at IMonitor-X data sheet and user guide as well.

Engineer @ SLAppForge and AdroitLogic. Sri Lankan 🇱🇰. Believer of cloud and serverless ☁️. Cricket 🏏and rugby 🏉fan. Check my blog at

Engineer @ SLAppForge and AdroitLogic. Sri Lankan 🇱🇰. Believer of cloud and serverless ☁️. Cricket 🏏and rugby 🏉fan. Check my blog at