Response to “Bancor Unchained”
Eyal Hertzog

Thanks for the detailed response, Eyal Hertzog.

I’m glad that you used this opportunity to clear up your position on centralization and decentralization for the Bancor community.

While we have our differences with regards to the optimal balance between these two extremes, the real point I was hoping to make was about transparency, and setting expectations.

I hope that the project will continue to embrace this spirit of transparency in the coming weeks and months. Bancor is one of the more interesting experiments in the space, and I’m sure the community will welcome your future reports on performance analysis, price and order data from the changer contract, and so on.

I edited my report to include a link to this response, as well as to your response to Emin’s article. Please note that I don’t believe your reponse currently links to the original report…

Edit: I’m being silly, of course you linked to it, in the tweet at the top. My apologies.

Congratulations on the successful token activation today!


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