This post is the first in a series of Unchained Reports, covering the often overlooked details about projects in the current “ICO bubble”.

Last week, the Bancor project raised ~$150M. The team stood up an impressive campaign, ending with the largest amount raised in an ICO to date.

Bancor’s main product is said to be a way to provide liquidity to the “long tail” of tokens, and seems to be an interesting idea, that deserves exploration. It is lead by an accomplished team of entrepreneurs, and already produced some great-looking demos.

I took some time to read many of the…

Recently there’s been a heated debate regarding a possible fork to the Bitcoin blockchain. A lot has been written on the various risks and difficulties that a contentious hard fork would create for the ecosystem.

An interesting topic that didn’t yet receive much attention is the subject of bitcoin-based assets, like the ones based on the ColoredCoins protocol, during a fork.

At Colu, we are putting a lot of resources into the development of the open ColoredCoins protocol and platform, and we’d like to share our thoughts and guidance regarding this matter.

The case for clarity

There are a lot of different digital assets…

So how many people really attended Trump’s inauguration speech?

In my previous post, there was a hidden confession. I’ve been active in the Bitcoin space for quite a while now, and always felt well-versed in its technicalities. But I only recently realized what it actually was.

With the community locked in a tiring debate for a while now, we failed to notice an important milestone. We finally grew out of our old explanations, meant to introduce newcomers. Things like “Bitcoin is a digital currency”, or “A decentralized ledger”. We are now a more mature community, with many more members than before. And it might be the time to put…

The 1957 feature film “12 Angry Men” is all about the difficulties of reaching consensus. Oh, and if the number of women in this picture bothers you too, you should google “12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer”

How do you explain Bitcoin? What is a blockchain? What’s so great about it and if it is that great why hasn’t it take over the world yet? You think that you know? I thought so too.

I’ve been surrounded with Bitcoin for 4 years now. I’m an experienced software developer and consider myself an advanced Bitcoin enthusiast. And I recently joined Colu, a company that is building the digital equivalent of physical cash.

So, I work with Bitcoin full-time. And I’ve been explaining it to friends and family for years. …

Udi Wertheimer

Bitcoiner. Coder. Adversarial thinker. Troll.

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