Learning Lessons and Vibrating Higher

Reflecting on my most recent trip abroad

Last month, I returned from a week-long spiritual development course in England designed to sharpen your mediumship practice. I spent the week at the Arthur Findlay College under the tutelage of world-renowned mediums, as well as practicing mediums, psychics, and healers from other countries. Just like previous visits to study at the College, my time there was illuminating and I learned so much: about myself, my spiritual gifts, other people, new ways to communicate with the spirit world, new thought patterns, life…the list goes on and on and on!

As the week-long course progressed, we were put into groups and given various exercises to help us clarify our connection to Spirit as we receive messages. Throughout the week, I realized that aspects of my thoughts about mediumship — and how we as spirit messengers are really here to bring healing to those whom we connect on behalf of — were changing. Was I limiting myself out of fear of opening up completely to the emotional vulnerability it takes to deliver a message of love from a departed one? Was it okay to allow myself to cry as I felt the departed loved one’s overflowing love for the person I was doing a reading for?? These questions came after one particular group exercise.

During this exercise, I was paired with an older woman from England (I’ll call her “Brenda”). We’d been in class all week together, but hadn’t worked together. For this session,we were tasked with connecting with spirit on behalf of the other person, spending about 30 seconds identifying the person (to ourselves), finding out what they were doing now that they are on the Other Side (side note: this is a term I use to refer to the place where we [our soul/energy/essence] transition back to when our bodies die), and then accessing the guidance to free the person we were reading for to live a more abundant life. Easy, right?!?

I volunteered to go first to get the jitters outs. And yes, I still get jitters when I doing readings!! Part of it is that I still get a bit nervous about whether I am going to be “good enough” to bring the healing that the particular client needs. As I work more with sitting in my energetic power, I find that this fear is being released because being a channel for healing has no room for ego and it’s not about me: but simply just being an open channel to allow Spirit to blend with me to help someone. The other part of the nervousness is excitement for which one of their loved ones/soul family members I’m going to experience on their behalf…and every experience is unique.

So, as I sat across from Brenda, I connected with a younger male energy. I felt a slight pain in the back of my head and a little woosy in my forehead area. I was shown a flute-like instrument, which made me feel like he was musical or was in a band. When I told this to Brenda, she said that she could identify with two or three people on the Other Side who fit this description. I told myself to go back in, connect and ask to be shown more. I was then shown a brief picture of a younger woman in what looked like an old school nursing uniform, but instead, the outfit was colored and there was no distinctive red cross on the cap. When I asked Brenda about this, she said that her daughter was a flight attendant for a time and that was the type of outfit she had. WTH?! I asked her out of which of the two or three people she was thinking it could be, would know this about her immediate family. She said two of them! Alas, back to the drawing board to figure out who this person was (sigh…).

Here’s where I would normally get frustrated with myself for not getting clear, identifying information in a fast manner. But, I had to stop and remember to have grace with myself and also remember that the loved one was trying their best to work with me to get a message through to Brenda. So, I regrouped, sat more in my energetic power and asked the loved one, “Please help me with something I can clearly identify you to Brenda!” At this point, I was made aware of a feeling relating to my eyes. I was then shown a flash of a picture of two small children holding hands as if they were playing and then I heard the lyric: “Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies; ashes, ashes, we all fall down!”

Hmm, okay! With this, I got the impression that she would have known him as a child. As I started to put it all together in my human mind, I decided to stop and simply tell her what I was getting. After I told her the song lyric, she started laughing and said she now knew who it was…and that it was a clever way that he gave me to identify him. Brenda explained that the man coming through was a young man who was friends with her son. She had known him since he was a kid (hence why I saw the two kids holding hands and playing). He had been a musician and played in a band (which is why I saw the instrument). He passed years ago after going out drinking (which is why my head felt woosy), got locked out when he got home and decided to crawl in through a higher story window…but fell down and cracked his head when he landed…and was subsequently cremated (which is why I got the pain in my head and heard the song lyric about falling down and ashes). Finally, Brenda told me that she had come to the hospital to be with him and was the one who closed his eyes when he passed (which is why he made me aware of my eyes). Say what?!?! I was now able to give Brenda the message of love and thanks from her son’s friend.

Through this, I learned that instead of getting frustrated or trying too hard (two things that can make connecting extremely difficult), I needed to just relax, tune into my inner energetic power and simply ask for the information I was seeking. Who would have known it was that easy??? Ha! After giving Brenda her reading, I assumed that was the end of my learning for the session…but nope!

It was now Brenda’s turn to connect with someone for me. When she did, she immediately heard “grandmother, grandmother, grandmother.” Yep, I was pretty sure that it was my grandma Matilda! But, I played it cool and told Brenda that it could be either one of my grandmothers who were in spirit…so for her to go back and ask for specific information to better identify which one it was. Brenda soon began to give me intimate details of my family on my mother’s side and as well as things that were currently going on with me. Yep, it was my grandma Matilda alright :-). After I let Brenda know that it was definitely the grandma that I thought it was, she turned to the task of giving me the message from my grandma. And here’s where my second point of learning occurred that afternoon.

As soon as Brenda started to give me the message from my grandma, her eyes welled up and she got very emotional and the tears began to flow. She was trying to tell me just how much love was coming through from my grandma for me, but was so overwhelmed with the feelings that she could not finish getting the message out. At this point, I’m now crying because I can see and feel just how much love my grandma is sending through Brenda for me. Brenda had to ask my grandma to step back a bit so that she could compose herself enough to give me the message that was coming through. Truly amazing.

Afterward, we talked to our course teacher about what to do when this happens: how do we maintain our composure when doing a reading for a client and we get overcome with emotion?? I’ve heard a few reputable mediums say that we are supposed to be in control of the flow of information so to simply tell the loved one to step back somewhat so that we don’t become overwhelmed. However, that response never quite resonated with me. In my last several years of personal growth, I have come to understand that being vulnerable and letting go is the first step to forming the foundation of a strong spiritual connection. If you are’t willing to fully open your heart and emotions to the Divine, how can you expect to receive all of the wonderful things that God, the Universe, and your Angels and Guides have in store for you? As luck would have it, our course teacher wasn’t beholden to that common way of thinking either and instead agreed and assured us it was okay to yield to the flow of love that was pouring in. And as one who’s been on the receiving end of sitting across from a medium being overcome with emotion, I can tell you that it makes the reading even more priceless and unforgettable…to know that my departed loved one’s love for me is still so strong that can bring a stranger to tears: that is what I call a true emotional healing. This is the gift that I want so many to experience through my work.

Although the rest of the week in England was replete with wonderful experiences, learning not to get frustrated and simply asking for the information I need, along with learning to be okay with surrendering to emotions were the two biggest lessons that I walked away with. I was also reminded just how clever the departed are on the Other Side when working with us to impart information. I will never listen to the song “ring around the rosie” the same way again :-).

The day I left the course, I was still buzzing from my spiritual high from being in the midst of wonderful energy all week. That is until I got hit with a huge migraine less than 24 hours later. I would suffer with this headache for the next 4 days as I tried to reintegrate myself into my normal routine back in the U.S. I tried everything I knew it get rid of it: pain meds, sinus meds, reiki, caffeine, stiff cocktails…you name it, I tried it but to no avail! On day 5 of the migraine, I happened to be talking to my friend about the wonderful week I had in England and mentioned the crazy migraine I’d been suffering through since returning. She said, “Oh girl, have you dumped yet?” I was like, “What? What do you mean??” She reminded me that I’d gone away to study and further development my spiritual gifts and through the process, I’d likely elevated my thinking in certain areas. As such, my mind is now holding onto thought patterns that no longer serve me…and that I need to do a spiritual dumping to get rid of that old stuff because that was what was giving me the intense migraine. Huh, really? I mean, I guess? Is that even a thing?? I never thought of that as being a “thing.” After we got off the phone, I figured I had nothing to lose (but the migraine) by trying what she said. So, before I went to bed, I meditated and specifically asked that any old thought patterns that were no longer serving me to be removed and that I would be allowed to vibrate higher in my consciousness. When I woke up in the morning, don’t you know that my migraine was gone! I woke up refreshed, clear headed and lighter. Again, who knew?!? Alas, I was reminded again that simply asking is always the answer. And, to be thankful for the reminder to make the ask!

Since then, I have been remembering to ask for help and guidance in everything I do. Specifically, since I know that the Universe knows my human mind limitations (LOL), I am sure to ask for guidance in ways that I can understand and to be open to the fact that the help can come from any source. #ringaroundtherosie #phonecallwithafriend.

Till next time: Stay blessed!