Synchrodestiny Manifested

This past week has been a unique culmination of synchrodestiny for me. So, let me give some background to put the events of the week in perspective.

Over the past 7 or so years, I’ve been getting messages from Spirit that I needed to practice yoga. And for 7 or so years, I have side-stepped the prompts because I never really felt a connection the few times that I’ve taken classes.

The week before my milestone birthday in April, I drove by a CorePower Yoga and saw the sign for one free week. And since I love a deal, I was in! I did the week and actually enjoyed it. Once it ended, I thought about joining but the monthly cost was a bit more than I wanted to commit to. “Coincidentally”, jsut as it ended, I got a notification email on Groupon that I had a free $10 discount code to use. What?!? Yes please, LOL. I decided to see what yoga deals there were. I was able to find a month of Kundalini yoga for $29…which would be $19 with my discount! When I arrived for my first day to the kundalini studio, I saw one of the teachers and she looked familiar to me. After speaking to her, we figured out that she’d led a morning sadhana (4am-6:30am meditation) practice that I had attended a few times 3 years ago at a local ashram. She went on to tell me that the owners of that ashram opened the kundalini yoga studio within the past year. Hmm, what a coincidence…

As you would have guessed, my month of kundalini was wonderful. I found that I really connected with yoga that worked with spiritual awareness. This was why I never really vibed with all the other classes I’d taken in the past few years: the spiritual/meditative aspect was missing. At the end of my month of classes, I took a pamphlet they had on kundalini teacher training…thinking that I would like to incorporate the practice into the intuitive life coaching practice that I was building and stepping into.

A week later, I was off to Bali (and if you read my previous posts on that trip, you know all the amazing, spiritual experiences that happened). One of them was my reading with a vedic astrologer who said that I needed to incorporate yoga into my healing practice when I worked with people. Whoa…he just confirmed the internal idea that I came up with regarding the yoga teacher training! And what’s awesome is that just as I was arriving in Bali, I got an email from CorePower extending me a second free week of yoga at the time of my choosing….what?!? I didn’t know they even did that? I decided that once I got back to the states, I would start my second free week and see about their teacher training.

So, upon coming back from Bali, I contacted the Kundalini yoga studio and inquired about their teacher training: a 10 month program costing $3200 (yikes). However, because I knew that I was being lead down that path, I filled out the application to set up a meeting with the staff to see if their program was right for me (and to see if they had any partial scholarships available to help with the cost). Meanwhile, as I waited to hear back from them, I started my second free week at CorePower.

After the first class at CorePower, I inquired at the front desk regarding their teacher program and I was told that they would have someone contact me to discuss. The following day, I was a church and got a message from one of the readers that they were seeing me involved with kinesiology. I took this to mean another confirmation from Spirit to follow through with the yoga teacher training :-). The next day when I went to the CorePower yoga studio for class, one of the instructors mentioned that she heard I had expressed interest in their teacher training. She then proceeded to let me know that they were hiring for a part time employee (only an hour and half a week), and that taking that position would entitle me to a hugely discounted monthly yoga pass and discounted yoga teacher training! Say what?!? Needless to say, I submitted my application as soon as I got home. And to make it even sweeter, she said that she’d extend my free second week of yoga to my employee start date! So to recap: more free yoga for the rest of the month, a new part time gig that only required an hour and half a week, huge monthly discount on yoga classes, and huge discount on teacher training! Looks like Spirit was making sure that any obstacles to taking the teacher training were minimized so that I couldn’t side-step this latest round of prompting, haha.

The CorePower teacher training starts in October and runs to December, which, coincidentally, is when the kundalini teacher training is beginning :-). Somehow, I’m getting the message that the kundalini studio will get back to me and offer me a scholarship and I will end up completing both teacher training programs. I think getting certified in both will be beneficial as they each have different aspects that will compliment my intuitive life coaching practice and if I want to end up teaching at CorePower down the line, I can since they don’t offer kundalini yoga.

All in all, I am excited because this yoga sychrodestiny has been trying to manifest for years, but due to my internal resistance, I avoided it…despite it coming up in 90% of the readings I’ve had over the last 8 years!

The best part of this lesson for me is that when you finally step fully into your soul purpose/destiny, Spirit, the Universe and your angels and guides all unite together to smooth the pathway so that things line up to enable you to do your Godwork: the reason why you chose to come to Earth school this lifetime. This lifetime, I know that I came to help people discover remember discover their soul purpose (i.e. remember why they came). To this end, I now understand that my life has been a culmination of accumulating and equipping myself with the tools I’ll need to reach the people who will need me. And this brings to mind a message that a spiritual reader gave to me in December of 2016. She said although things had been hard in my life (which I really never stopped to think about and accept but was true because I have worked hard and put up with lots of shit to get to where I am today), that moving forward things would be easy and would flow; that my time of struggling was over. Her words from Spirit have been so true! I have been amazed how things have flowed and manifested so easily now, so much so because I’m accustomed to fighting hard to get what I know I deserve that I still pinch myself when I do mediumship readings that are 100% accurate with people’s departed loved ones, when I do an energy healing and the person’s symptoms are alleviated immediately, or when I do a psychic reading that is so on point that the person is brought to tears. This is why I often put #youcantmakethisshitup at the end of my posts. At this point, I am confident that anything and everything is possible once you are in alignment with your spiritual soul destiny.

Are you ready to vibrate higher? To find your soul purpose? To see your synchrodestiny manifest before you? If so, join me. Let’s change the world!

Until next time, stay tuned and stay blessed!

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