My Views on the Nigerian TV series and the continuity issue.

This is my first post on medium and it is a reply to a blog post I found on my friends blog. Well when I say continuity in this post, I do not refer to the movie industry jargon which is the consistency of the characteristics of people, plot, objects, and places seen by the reader or viewer over some period of time. I have only used it in this post to effectively pass my message. So for the purpose of this post, Continuity is the ability to consistently air a particular TV for a longer time, i.e show till the 5th season and thereafter also refer to it as the ability of succeeding seasons to be as good as the previous.

Lets take Nigerian TV series GIDI-UP for instance it was created by Jadesola Osiberu and first aired in 2013 and since then has had just 20 episodes. I remember when I would bury myself in it, I would even binge-watched it over and again. Oh well that was all for GidiUp, just two seasons.

Another interesting example is the TV series An African city, a Ghanaian TV series created by Nicole Amarteifio and first aired in 2014 and has a second season, I could have hit the like button until I found out the second TV series was sold for $20 thereabout. Yeah nice one, what a great continuity plan. For Your Information this is the Ghanaian equivalent of the TV series SEX AND THE CITY. Well since then, I have no longer seen any signs of its continuity.

Not to say, that its the same for everyone of them or there isn’t any good one that has transcended time and is currently airing, I would be a liar. Wale Adenuga has done a great job with the PEFTI (Pencil film and Television Institute), I would be ungrateful not to recognize his legendary effort in churning out the great Super story , This Life drama series and the rest of them. I would say He is a legend but does this also mean there would be no other to walk his path. Tinsel is also another one that has really done well and it has been called “the most successful television drama on Nigerian television in recent times”. Kudos to the writers/producers.

As compared to foreign TV series our success or growth all the way is Minimal, We have not gone anywhere. This could be as a result of the indigenous consumption of foreign content, I would love to say here that even I and many more have falling short consuming foreign content (i.e TV series) in a bid keep myself happy. As of this moment, I currently keep up with close to 10 foreign TV series. I even have a friend who keeps up with about 30 of them and “I Lie Not”, I am sure we are not the only ones committing this crime. We need more indigenous content that can at least stand up to those foreign ones.

So well, I believe one of the many solutions to this challenge probably is to open up this industry and to allow more people who have content to participate and put out their works. Also, the truth is many of the successful TV series were not written by one person, you can’t do it alone as “creativity and teamwork go a long way”. Also we need more platforms to find the best writers, producers, Directors and so on. Do not just stop there, sponsor them.

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