Writers Post: Tinder Dates

There are a lot of both horror and success stories from Tinder. They say that the app does work wonders for those who are in the dating scene.

Others think that people on Tinder have no class. Just because you are on a dating app doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. Most of the people who do view them are conservative and it may be due to their upbringing as well.

Tinder dates can both be magical or horrific depending on the circumstances. Personally, I have experienced a few dates and only fewer only went right.

It’s actually easy to get a date on Tinder once there is a match. You just have to capture their attention wit a great opener. Establish rapport and then get their number. You can then plan out the details of their dates, which should be possible since they willingly swiped right on you in the first place.

Here comes the tricky part: the actual date. Since some Tinder users use the most flattering photos they have, it can be surprising to see them in person when they don’t look like it at all.

There are also some dates that just want free food. They will act nice until they get what they want.

Preferably, you’ll need to be attractive if you want to get proper dates. It’s hard enough to get a match since people are superficial by nature.

Tinder does work, but probably not for everybody. You have to be attractive, witty or both. If you’re a man, you’d also need a fat wallet since not all women want to split the bill.

It’s messy but it does work. You just have to be patient but it can really be tiring at times.