The 10 Pillars of Success

I have enjoyed a healthy dose of both success & failure over the 30+ years I have been in the business world and I will share with you that success is certainly more “fun” and it definitely pays better too! While I will concede that there are MANY different pillars of success, these are my personal top 10 suggestions.

NOTE: The following “10 Pillars of Success” is an excerpt from my upcoming book (working titled) “THE Underwear Entrepreneur”.

1) ACTION: You MUST take focused action on a DAILY basis towards your dreams and goals or you highly likely WON’T achieve them. The most successful people out there are the ones who have embraced these ideas and are DOING something to build their businesses. Taking targeted/focused action and making changes can be uncomfortable at first, but stick with it and watch what can happen!

TIP: Establish a goals checklist, a personal “road-map” so that you can track your step-by-step journey to success!

2) ATTITUDE: As Henry Ford once famously said: “If you believe you can do a thing or you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” It is YOUR attitude that will either unlock or bolt shut the door to success!!! Dare to dream (and achieve) GREAT things, and then go make it happen! The ONLY difference between those who thrive and those who flounder is in their heads, successful people DECIDE to succeed! What are YOU going to decide to do???

TIP: Your attitude is a choice that you make; you can choose to be positive, or you can be negative, the choice is yours alone to make!

3) DEDICATION: The reality of today’s business climate is that EVERYONE has to “do more with less”, working long days & weeks are now the new “normal”, and dedication to one’s profession is NO longer “optional”. This ISN’T saying that you can’t strive for “work-life” balance, but understand it’s NOT something that you can any longer take lightly.

TIP: I truly believe that you MUST have priorities, and taking responsibility & care of one’s family (if you have one), should be at the TOP of your list. The BEST way to do that is to excel at your job, profession or business.

4) FOCUS: By being focused on your goals, you can avoid the trap of “shiny object syndrome”, the single biggest distraction that most entrepreneurs face. Find the balance between “tunnel vision” (being TOO focused) and being ALL over the place (being completely unfocused) in your thinking and actions.

A trick that has helped me: Set a time limit for using social media and e-mail.

5) HABITS: Successful people have arrived at their success by establishing & maintaining the necessary habits to enable them to achieve their goals. There are obviously “good habits” and “bad habits”. There is NO hard & fast list of good habits, but I would suggest that these are 8 of the key habits to develop and nurture for long-term success:

  • Start your day, each & every day, off on the right foot.
  • Take regular breaks during the day. “ME” time (Meditation, listening to soothing music, walking, etc.) is VERY important to both your mental & emotional health.
  • Try to consistently eat well. Maintain the temple. Not only does it make you feel better, but it’s better for you too.
  • Utilize technology. Control it, or it WILL control you. It’s a tool, like any other it must be properly maintained to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Maintain a flexible daily “To Do” list. Take care of your most profitable & important tasks first.
  • Strive to balance your workload. Delegate those tasks that you struggle with and focus on the things that you excel at.
  • Understand that perfection DOESN’T exist, so put the desire to be “perfect” in its proper place!
  • Learn how to say “NO”. Your time is a finite resource, treat it like gold!

TIP: Do what works best for you! I’m constantly working on these to refine them for myself.