How Much Electricity Does the Average Solar Panel System Generate?

Solar panels are recommended by experts and environmentalists as they provide a sustainable energy source. Since solar panels provide you with “free” energy, installing them can significantlycut down your spending on electricity. Yet, many people still doubt the efficiency of solar panels or are resistant towards such change. If you are one of the doubters, let’s take a closer look at whether or not these panels are worth your investment.

• How large is the average output of solar panels typically?

Different solar panel systems will have different outputs according to the system’s size. For a rough idea, the size of a typical residential solar panel system is usually about 1 kW — 5 kW. The average system with a size of 1 kW could generate 850kW units of electricity annually, a 2 kW system could generate 1,700 kW units, and a 5kW system can create 4,500kW units.

So, is this amount of output sufficient to power up thewhole house? Apparently, a 4kW or 5kW system would more than cover the energy needs ofa typical UK house with three bedrooms, which is estimated to consume 3,000 kW units annually according to the Energy Saving Trust. However, it needs to be noted that the Feed-in Tariff gets smaller if the solar panel system exceeds 4kW in size (Feed-in Tariff is a monetary reward by the government based on the amount of electricity generated by a household’s solar panel system).

• What is the amount of energy produced by solar panels?

If you do not have a large household, a 2kW — 3kW would probably generate enough energy to cover your needs. This means that you will have a higher rate of Feed-in Tariff. On the other hand, a bigger household would likely require 3kW — 4kW systems to get sufficient energy.

You should also be aware that size is not the only factor which affects the amount of energy produced by solar panels. Direction and angle of your roof, amount of shade, and the time of the year will also considerably impact the energy output of your solar panels.

• How much money do solar panels cost?

Solar panels are known to be expensive to install even though it is already much cheaper today than in the past. Yet, we should view solar panels as an investment because it will actually help you save money in the long run.

Your location would also affect the prices of the solar panels. It is wise to compare the prices of solar systems in your area before purchasing one.

• How to know the amount of electricity generated by my solar panels?

Solar panels are equipped with a solar power meter which is placed within an easy reach in your house. Using this meter, you can track how much electricity is generated by the solar panel and also how much energy is transferred to the grid. With the information collected, you can calculate the amount of Feed-In Tariff you are eligible for.

As we can see, solar panels can generate sufficient energy to cover your household needs in a sustainable, economical way. There is still a long way to go before complete transition to solar energy might happen, but with the rapid progress we have today, it might happen sooner than you think.

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