Graphic designing Company in Delhi.

Graphic designing is one of the premium services a company can offer. Graphic designing includes designing of Logos, banner, posters etc. Graphic designing also includes designing of Graphical User Interface. In graphical user interface, graphic designer designers various images and effects so that a user can interact with the services provided by a client in an easier way.A graphic designer must be a think tank. He or she must be able to think and understand a client’s business better than a client can understand his own business. Software or tools that are used by graphic designer to design are mainly photoshop, coral draw and adobe after effects. Photoshop is the most basic tool used by a designer to design anything. Apart from photoshop adobe after effects can also be used to design anything graphically. Logo designing is the most initial service preferred by a client. Logo is the face of any business. Therefore logo is the most important task in graphic designing, a premium logo can be designed using Fibonacci series. A logo designed by using Fibonacci series is as called a golden ratio logo. All the logos of major companies like Facebook, twitter, Mercedes and almost every giant company you have ever heard of uses golden ratio in there logo as people call it as a logo of luck.