Houston + Help

The horrific and immeasurable events in Houston this past week have left an indelible impact.

We have seen heroics that remind us of the altruism of humankind; devastation that verifies the power of Mother Nature; and sorrow that we wish we could reverse.

In all of this, I have had many conversations with both talent and brands to figure out the most genuine way to participate in helping to re-build the communities that have been displaced and rekindle hope that needs to quickly be restored.

It is indeed a task that must be thought through carefully and implemented with precision. No matter the authentic belief that goes into this endeavor, the risk of being seen as an opportunist is high, and in some cases inevitable.

But should that risk prevent brands from donating goods and services to help those in need? Should artists refrain from benefit events that help raise funds as well as hearts? And as they pursue these endeavors should they refuse media interviews so they aren’t perceived as promoting on top of tragedy?

Unfortunately, no matter the true purpose behind these activities, there will always be skepticism and controversy. It’s a debate of benefit for benefit. As we all move forward and advise others on how best to help Houston and the surrounding areas, the only constant that we must insist upon is operating from a place of sincerity and truth. Whatever activities are born from this belief, however they are perceived, will hopefully pierce through that veil of debate and reach those that matter most.

What do you think? Should brands and talent pursue their philanthropic activities even though they could be seen as opportunists?

More to come,


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