Ironhack: week 1 recap. Ruby week.

My first week at Ironhack. Learning ruby, design patterns, SOLID, and many more things.

I can’t believe this week went so fast. It’s already been a week since we all (or almost all of us) met the day before we started the bootcamp. We are a really colourful group, which is really enritching since you never know what language you will hear next! I have great classmates here so I’m more than happy with that :).

It’s been really intense while we were learning about Object Orientation, the SOLID principles, desing patterns and many things more with our teacher for this week, Oriol Collell, co-founder and CTO at Dineyo. Great teacher and better person, he made his best to make us work as hard as we could so we could learn all this things in just one week. So, thanks to him.

We also had the visit of Aitor Guevara, co-founder of Ducksboard. Really familiar meeting, where he told us about his experience with ducksboard and the acquisition from New Relic and also about his whole experience as a web developer. He gave us some great tips and we all discussed many interesting topics.

Since I was cool with the exercises and all the work we had to do, I took some free time on the weekend to visit the city, cause it’s gonna be harder to have the chance as we advance on the bootcamp.

Now it’s sunday, so I’m just relaxing before the next week. Ok. That’s not completely true. Actually I took some time for coding this afternoon and released a ruby gem to retrieve user data and posts from (based on the Medium API project I developed in node.js some months ago). You can find it on and, of course, on GitHub.

And I think that’s all! I’ll tell you more soon, be good!

P.D: I’m working on my english, it’s on the roadmap, don’t worry :P