The Interested Challenge!

The reason why I am writing this is because I am very excited to tell you about my new experience. It was basically a project assigned by Amal Academy. I never did it before neither do I ever realized that thing is important. So, the project was to make my family, friends and people around me feel special, made them feel that I do care about them and I am ready to give them my attention and my time no matter what, because they are very special to me. That was quite new for me because I do never care about people (family or friends) who are not around me for some time, but not always. And before that experiment I thought that it’s really hard to find time when you are not even around them and ask them about their whole day and tell them I do miss them and ask them if they need any help.

Now, my thinking perspective of not telling anyone how much important they are important to me, is totally changed. Because when I texted my college and school fellow (was very good friend) Fatima, “Hey, how are you doing? Its been so long we haven’t met, and I really do miss that time and awesome company.” I was wondering what she going to say (afraid that if she didn’t respond then?), but she replied I really felt happy the way she got excited after receiving my text. She said, “O! you are such a kind friend, you still remember me and its really too long we haven’t seen each other.” I got some confidence and tried it with my other friends, my roommates and my family. The way everyone got happy after feeling being special was so amazing.

This experiment taught me so far that if you want to be happy and never wanted to be alone then start caring about others the way you want, start making them feel important the way you want, start giving the positive vibes to at least people who are part of your life (your family and your sincere friends). When you start practicing this with people around you, you will definitely get some more precious pearls in your life (friends). And it definitely going to make your journey cheerful, and this caring attitude leaves ever lasting impact on theirs’s life and on yours as well.

The Interested Challenge!
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