Not about the wind! Sari Seng is lucky, always doing Chelsea.

Mauricio Cesar, the big boss, “the indigo blue lion”, Chelsea, the most unfortunate team in the home game Wolverhampton 1–1 last weekend While encouraging the team to play better in the fight against the team that focuses on playing mainly

Mauricio Cesar, the Italian team manager of Chelsea, reveals the army “Lions Navy Blue” without luck in matches. Can only be done “Wolves” Wolverhampton Wanderers 1–1 at the stadium. Tamford Bridge, English Premier League game on Sunday, March 10, which came UFA365ดีไหม

This game is quite tense, with both teams unable to do anything in the first half. But when entering the second half in the 56th minute, the visiting team scored a goal leading from Raul Jimenez to take a shot at the ball to ricochet off the Cesar Azpiligueta. Which tried to block the ball to change the doorway. However, Chelsea narrowly escaped when Eden Hazard beat in injury time.

Sary commented after finishing the match that “We don’t have much luck. Because we lost the door in the first situation they had dropped into our penalty area Meanwhile We must say that we do not have space to move the ball at all. You have to move with the second one. Not knocking the ball five six strokes We have to make it better to fight with the team that is trying to focus on the set. “