IGHUB Fellowship 2018

One of the greatest lies I was told while growing up was “Go to school, be a good student, graduate with good grades and you will get a good and well-paying job”. I don’t blame my parents for telling me that anyway, what do you expect from a parent who grew up in an era where people were respected and given titles and important positions in the clan for attaining “commercial school” certificate?

But things change, more rapidly than some persons care enough to admit. Facts have shown that there has been a 150% paradigm shift towards technology since the 1990's.

It is therefore very crystal clear that anybody who is not tech-driven will soon be left behind in his medieval world.

The day I learnt a bitter lesson about the reality of life was when i came across a guy who never saw the four-walls of a higher institution (I am not in any way discrediting the value of higher education, my degree is up my sleeves). This tech-whiz flew from country to country as a database specialist.

Sure, I was impressed, but more curious even.

He told me something that revolutionized my thinking forever “Sam, life don’t answer to CERTIFICATE but to SABIFICATE”. It was then it dawned on me that if I’d given 20% of school time, of the times I spent in school pursuing abstract knowledge, of the times I used to forcefully learn topics I had absolutely no interests, If I had channeled 20% of that whole time pursuing ‘real’ knowledge, technical-know-how, I bet I would have been miles away from my current spot.

My quest for knowledge drove me to several places (NIIT, HIIT, AfriHub) but i couldn’t afford their fees as the cheapest course i saw was 150k (Introduction to HTML), I resorted to self-development and shortly after my NYSC i was privileged to be among the first set of fellows of software engineering at nHub Nigeria…

Guys I’m telling you my story because I acquired knowledge the hard and expensive way, through nooks and crooks. But everyone mustn’t have same story as mine.

There’s an opportunity coming your way on a platter of gold, take advantage of it, grab it.

Apply to IGHUB netprenureship and Developers fellowship… IT IS FREE (This is part of a Niger Delta Youth Employment Pathway Project Supported by PIND), you only have to find yourself in or within Aba for a space of 3 months (The city has its magic, you may never want to leave).

It’s not too great a price to pay for your future, I once shut down my life for 1 year to relocate to Jos plateau state where i knew nobody just to gain knowledge)

Registration ends on 15th Sep. and classes commences on 17th Sep, apply online on bit.ly/IGHUBFELLOWSHIP2018

Training includes:

Software Development

- Front End Development

- Back End Development

- Mobile App Development


- Social media marketing certification

- Email marketing certification

- Digital advertising mastery certification

- E-commerce marketing course

- Online product launch and activation specialist

- Info marketing professional

- Mini-importation for Netpreneurs

- Mobile Marketing for Professionals

- Professional Blogging Certification

- Wordpress Professional Certification

  • Graphics Design

Registration ends on 15th Sep. and classes commences on 17th Sep, apply online on