Venty 1.0

There’s a relief that comes from expressing yourself, even when nobody’s listening. Most of us have things we want to say that no one should hear — and often for good reason!

Venty is letterhead for messages that go nowhere. It’s a notepad for the ideas you shouldn’t write down. When you Send a message with Venty, it never leaves your iPhone. The message stays right where it is, until you hit Clear.

But you may notice something else happens. Upon hitting Send, any profanity you use is marked red, and is tallied up on the Stats page. The Stats page counts the numbers of profane words and messages you Send, but a tap of the Reset button will bring your Stats back to zero.

In addition, the Stats page allows you to Share your Stats to Twitter or Facebook, if either is configured in your iPhone’s Settings. If neither Twitter nor Facebook is configured, Venty will export an image of your Stats to your Camera Roll.

Early in 2015, I began to experiment with Swift, and created a prototype of Venty. Thereafter, upon my decision to become a full-fledged iOS developer, I enrolled in Mobile Makers Academy, an intense 8-week bootcamp, and brought Venty to life with Objective-C.

first sketch of the Venty icon

On my first day at Mobile Makers, Venty 1.0 debuted on the App Store. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I feel a rush of joy every time I search “venty” on the App Store and find my own app as the top result.

Thank you for your interest in Venty, which is available for download on the App Store. For more information, please visit For support or to give feedback, please mention @VentyApp on Twitter or send an email to Happy venting!

Update 01/14/2015: Venty is now open-source and available on Github.