About UFFXVGil

Established in August 2010 and with more than 30 employees in this company, Weijia Network Technology Co., Ltd focuses its business on game service, operation and development. Our main business is the transaction service for all hot online games and mobile games launched in the European and American area. The transaction service involves game currency, buy and sell accounts, power leveling , cards and so on. All we want is to make you have an easy play in game.

UFFXVGIL (www.uffxvgil.com) is owned by Weijia Network Technology Co., Ltd and has a good reputation in the European and American area. UFFXVGil also is a leading transaction platform for FFXV products which includes FFXV Gil, FFXV Power Levelingand so on.

UFXVGIL always puts their customers’benefits first and works hard to make a perfect transaction platform for game currency. UFXVGIL has 100,000 register members so far and always appreciates the support from them.

Branding strategy: UFXVGIL devotes its effort to make this game service site be the most reliable, efficient, professional and safest site in the whole network.

Staff and Performance

With more than 30 employees and an annual volume of trade around 2 million USD., we can provide you a better service and make your game-play be easy.

Operating Experience

Profession makes greatness. We have three years of operating experience in website operation, six years in transaction platform , five years in game operation and three years in collaboration service.

Partners and Resource

Efficiency and advantages can be created by good partners. We have a good cooperative relationship and communication with a lot of excellent e-commerce companies for many years, which makes these world-leading online game service companies be good partners with us.

Amazing Service

We provide you a 24/7/365 pre-sale and post-sale service.A good service will make you have a wonderful shopping experience and you’ll get a VIP service during the whole transaction process.

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