Renewable energy in Ukraine

There’s high potential for renewable energy in Ukraine.
The relatively big amount of territory, Dnieper, and many other rivers, the average amount of solar energy received annually is about 1,200 kWh/m2, average winds around 4 meters per second, and high amounts of unprocessed biowaste which could be used for biogas or biomass. 
The Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy helps people to start a production of energy in Ukraine. Anyone can get to know more about the possibilities of producing electricity in Ukraine, including dynamics of renewable energy sector development and an online solar photovoltaic calculator.
According to Inogate (the international energy cooperation program between the European Union and Ukraine and other Central and Eastern European countries), Ukraine has enormous potential for energy efficiency as its “energy intensity” is inordinately high. The energy saving potential has been determined at almost 50% of the volumes of used fuel and energy resources. There’s just a little above 1GW of installed renewable capacity on the market.
The different side of the market of renewable energy in Ukraine is the complicated political situation, as the story of Activ Solar company, which was filed for insolvency on 2016, after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. Ukrainian authorities stopped paying the feed-in tariff for Crimean solar plants, Crimean and Russian authorities also refused to pay it.