Why Ukrainian Fiancee (UFMA Marriage) is not like any other agency and how they fight with scam


Really so many men are now looking for women abroad. Mostly those are men from USA, Canada and Europe.

Why are they searching for women in Ukraine/ Russia? Because they are not satisfied with women in their countries, their attitude to men and with the moral values they have.

In contrary, the Ukrainian and Russian women are much more family oriented, tender, respectful to their men. Also these women are very beautiful. And it’s a real luck to find a good lady in Ukraine and create a family. Good healthy relationship in most cases is guaranteed.

But… since the marriage agencies were created, many insincere people started to scam those men in their search, who want to find women in Ukraine/ Russia. As there’s distance, it’s easy to scam people and create fake profiles and marriage agencies full of fraud.

Here are some points about the UFMA agency in Ukraine and how they fight with scam.

1) full screening of the ladies: documents check, background check and interviews allow to take only good and serious ladies into the club. Also most ladies come to Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency by the recommendations of their friends and this also helps.

2) all communication between men and women is checked and it doesn’t allow any scam, fraud or golddigging activities.

3) there are many good testimonials and marriages at UFMA, which shows that they are doing good job in connecting people.

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You can fully trust only the checked agencies who have the long and successful reputation.

The Ukrainian Fiancee works for more than 10 years and was recommended by Jimslists before the last one was closed.

There are lots of good testimonials and reviews of UFMA out there, you can see the video testimonials online, and they are available at any time.

meet only beautiful and sincere Ukrainian women at UFMA marriage

Feel free to contact the sincere ladies at the honest UFMA agency that strongly fights with scam (watch a lot of our video reviews) and be happy!


Sergey Sokolov