Is Beacons are more Beneficial in Indoor navigation

2013 had been a good year of start for beacons. It was more notable when iBeacon was introduced by Apple in the same year. Further, Google followed the initiative for introducing Eddystone. Since then, beacons have been a part in technology of indoor navigation beacon . It is well known that Apple strictly depends on beacons for indoor navigation and indoor positioning. Apple are not well known to use WiFi for indoor positioning. Let’s go into the details of use of beacons in indoor navigation.

Beacons are positioned at different positions and signals are sent by them through bluetooth. In this way, beacons are easily positioned constantly through signals and indoor navigation system is made aware through constant transmission. Smartphones which carry software application related to the system interprets signals from beacons. Beacons can easily span around 30 meters inside a building. The cost of beacon ranges from 3 to 30 Euros. Accordingly, battery life of beacons may last up from days to years. Beacons are battery operated which makes them “easy to install” things.

The estimation of beacons required for a building actually depends on factors such as accuracy needed and area of building. It has been noted that Zurich railway station roughly has an area of 370.000 sq meters occupied with 1200 beacons. The recorded accuracy rate is around 3 meters.

BMS (beacon management system) makes maintenance easier. Moreover, there are multipurpose power source options when it comes to beacons. Beacons remain flexible in terms of power sources like lamp power networks. So, they can sometimes be easily seen with lamps. Although, connecting to a power network makes beacon installation a tough process comparatively. Hence, using beacons help in indoor navigation. The system provides more accuracy and increased tracking in indoor navigation and positioning technology.

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