May I have the reasons, what are they?
UFS Access

Before 2008 we had what you would describe as party politics on campus. This led in part to the extreme polarization of students based on race. You had the FF+ who catered exclusively to white afrikaans students and you had SASCO catering exclusively to black students. There was a student parlement and it pretty much mirrored the process that we see currently in the national assembly — utter chaos without anything being done. You also voted along party lines and had to accept the candidate that the particular party thrust upon you. This made it hard for independent candidates to enter the fray. Over time the student government objectives became partisan to party manifestos from outside of campus (Sasco was at that time heavily affiliated with the ANC youth league) and yes the reason people dismiss you when you mention SASCO is because they have a history on this campus of using violence, intimidation and property damage in their protests. The FF+ also gave a platform and justification for individuals in residences who opposed integration— and from this the Reitz incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Violence ensued and disruptive influences were allowed to have a greater effect on campus events through the various political parties active on campus. The current system was decided on to limit the influence of political parties outside of campus on student life as individual candidates would better represent the needs and agenda of the students instead of the needs and agenda of the political party structure they were part of.