Does the UFS management really negotiate with students?
UFS Access

You have completely taken the quote from Prof. Jansen out of context. He isn’t saying that students protesting are being thugs — he is saying that everytime a protest takes place (and in the case of the ufs protest, it was peaceful) it disrupts the activities of the university, including providing education to those who are not part of the protest action. And given that there are still serious problems facing the majority of especially poor students, there will be more protests like this — thus from a managerial perspective this is a threat to universities in terms of being able to provide the services it renders. You also seem to ignore the entire article where he explicitly states that students are not the enemy and that university management should become more transparent with regards to university finances. Ofcourse you should be able to protest when you feel you have something to protest about, it is your constitutional right as citizen of this country, however be mindful that you aren’t violating other people’s rights in the process.