Battling with writing good articles? A glimpse into my writing fears!

I have not always been a fan of too much talking or writing. In fact, I have always considered the art of writing a talent which comes only to gifted few . My recent experiences of technical writing does not leave much to be desired. I enjoying reading and learning new stuffs so I appreciate the relevance of communicating information by writing.

As humans we have an inherent desire to communicate with our world. We communicate by our words and actions. The advent of writing created a new realm to human communications by written words. In addition to helping one pass information on one’s thoughts and feeling, writing creates for a more lasting and tangible record of the information someone wishes to communicate to other people. While some are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings perfectly to those in their world via spoken or written words, many others communicate only the essential part of their thoughts and feelings by words. This article is an effort to rekindle or ignite the spirit of writing in me.

Though, I expected writing to be a more easy and convenient way to express the content of ones mind to others, its surprisingly not so to me. I always consider coming up with a good article a difficult mental exercise. I am hoping to highlight some of the reasons that makes me feel this way towards writing.

My thoughts formation or reasoning pattern ….

Deep within me there is a desire to communicate information and thoughts that forms in my mind to others but the ability to translate such erratic thoughts into a flowing and socially accepted and coherent language that appeals to the emotion is lacking.

I think my kind of brain pattern is more logically inclined. A kind of interconnected and scattered bits of data and ideas. I like making bullet points and sketches whenever am reading or writing. I think a lot and inspirations comes to me in bits of ideas. I think I lack the talent of easily adding flesh or beauty to such ideas…

Enough of myself already! Basically I just feel that the way my brain is configured is not exactly suited for styles. I tend to write mathematically, joining up ideas like am solving a puzzle. Something like this point will come first before that point and so on. A kind of trying to order scattered bits of information. I feel my brain is much more concerned about achieving goals, as such it generates and store only the essential key points or fact for that goal actualization.

Just so many ideas ….

Have you ever had this feeling of ideas crowding over your head as you attempt to start writing? All I need is just a motive to do something (like writing) and lots and lots of ideas or that random thoughts I spoke about start pumping in. The seemingly endless list of ideas can be a discouraging factor eventually since it will mean more areas that needs “flesh” and finishing than the time I had originally allotted to the writing.

Laziness and lack of motivation ….

As common with any new learning, writing is also not easy for beginners or those trying to be better at it. It will usually demand some brain power and efforts which wont be pleasurable. Such work often requires motivation too.

All my previous writing experience were motivated. Spanning from my days at school, project write ups, publications etc. At least I could see some immediate reward after writing such works. I think there are people that writes pleasurably. Such are the real writers. They don’t require additional motivation to write. I often wonder if i will ever get to the level of writing pleasurably?

Writing kills my time…

I am kind of very meticulous about what consumes my time. I always want to invest my time in stuffs that would have direct positive impact to to me or to those in my world. Keeping journals articles or write up on random topics doesn’t seem to have immediate gratification to me. Also considering the difficulty I experience while trying to build up my random thoughts into coherent and flowing articles, I usually spend so much time to come up with any piece.

Perfection and “Englishness”…

“Nothing is perfect” so they say, but we all aspire to be good at whatever we do. I have a sense of what a good article should look like quite alright, but coming up with such good article is quite challenging. The sense of the imperfectness of my writing as well as my desire to make a holistic write up and the consideration of the amount of efforts needed to bring it near to my accepted level of perfectness is kind of discouraging especially for my future writings.

Also, many times, I have a sense of what I am hoping to communicate, but the right words and phrases doesn’t readily comes to mind. This can be quite frustrating and discouraging especially considering that the article you are writing is not quite exactly what you have in mind.

What next?

Writing is an indispensable art of communication in our current world. It’s a skills that has the capability to boost almost every facet of ones life and career. Considering the importance, people like myself needs to make considerable efforts to develop better writing skills. I am hoping that the better knowledge of myself would help me device better strategies to improve myself in any area of my life which includes writing. Am hoping to write another articles soon on ways I can improve my writing abilities. Your advice and suggestions are welcomed!

Oh Gosh! I knew it. Three hours thirty gone already… that’s a evidence of one of my major anti-writing fears, though I had originally budgeted fifteen minutes for this article . Anyway, one of the most rewarding part of writing is the joy and satisfaction that comes when one rereads his/her write ups after a long while … for me I usually wonder that I was able to come up with such piece. I am hoping to have that same feeling even with this article. Thanks for reading!