My first day at Andela’s Recruitment Bootcamp.

When i learnt about the Andela’s Fellowship program, I was initially reluctant and skeptic about investing my time to go through the courseware, and recruitment process, I eventually decided to give it a shot. My successes at the different levels of the assessments gave me better confidence and hope of eventually succeeding and becoming an Andela fellow.

My academic background was biochemistry, but am also very passionate about programming. I only did programming at my spare time, as such I really could not keep up to date with the rapid advances in the computing world. I was simply concerned with optimizing my knowledge to solving my personal or freelanced programming needs.

I eventually made it to the bootcamp. The initial lectures on “having a growth mindset”, and “seeking feedbacks” was interesting and went quite smoothly . Then came “programming logic”. We were introduced to functions in Javascript . Then came the first challenge; we were asked to write a function to identify a non duplicate string from an array containing duplicates of different strings, and also to generate the list of prime numbers that exist between 0 and any given number. I was able to generate the logics and algorithms for the two task, but translating it into a Javascript language within a few minute proved difficult for me(I had only scanty knowledge of it), though some of my colleagues actually completed theirs.

Next came the most confusing session, a brief introduction of version control tools (GIT) and TDD (Test Driven Development) tools. They were entirely new to me, while I was still trying to appreciate their relevance, we were given a practical session to explore some tutorial site, while still at it, we were taken through the process of setting up our system for GIT, TDD, node, sublime etc. I was completely lost at this stage, but I observed that most of my colleagues were familiar with the tools. We were given some set of take home assignments to submit the next day. The assignments were based on the setup and application of version control as well as using a TDD approach to write a function that finds the sum of prime numbers (in javascript). With this , the day’s session came to an end. Since I was completely lost, I know that I will need more than 24 hours to really get all the bits of information by myself to be able to successfully complete the task. I approached some of my colleague to get their phone numbers, so I can contact them for further help if need be. What I needed at this point was a good overview on how to set up my system for GIT and TDD. I also know how frustrating it can be to depend on google for such information, and I wouldn’t want to take that risk, knowing full well that I have just a day to submit the assignment.

The instructor assisted me in cloning my files from the github repository to my local system. I also sought help from , a colleague, Victor, to help me with some other part of the set up, this he gladly did. He assisted me in making a demo push to the github repository, as well as gave me a demonstration of how to use mocha to run a TDD. In the different cases when I sought for help, I explained my current effort to the person am seeking help from, as well as the information I hope to get from the person. After giving me the information I seek, I took time to go through it, to see if I understand what I was taught. In cases when I needed more help, I consulted my tutor again and again until I was clear. I appreciated the efforts of victor and my instructor, this I verbally communicated to them. I left Andela with that evening fully satisfied and excited about all I have learnt, and also, especially since I knew I could complete the remaining task by myself.

Summarily, I had an interesting and exciting first day, at the Andela’s Bootcamp, and I feel more confident that I have what it takes to make it through to the very end. Thank you the Andela Team.