What a day! My 3rd day experience at Andela

The first lab was on word count, I developed the logic quite easily. I wrote the javascript code which worked well with some sample data-sets. When I ran it on the Andelab’s test suite, it failed some of the specifications. I fixed some of the issues like those of multi spacing and new-lined delimited words, after trying out some regex function. I was unable to fix the reserved words issue. It took me almost a day to figure out that Javascript does not see “{}” as empty, so doing a dictionary search ie “myValue in dictionary” will result in some issue. The issue was especially observed with datasets that contains “toString” and “valueOF” and some other special words. In order to fix this, I tried several modifications of the code without success. I took some break in order to attempt some other questions after which I did additional research online. I had to step through the codes severally to see and identify why its not working and see if I could create a bypass for it. It was getting to 3 am and no success still, i eventually I slept over it. The inspiration came while saying my morning prayers. I needed to do a round trip bypass, i.e, using arrays to replace the “myValue in dictionary” function. This proved successful!. Eventually, I was able to complete the task. The min-Max number task was quite easy, this I completed in a few minutes.

Then came the task of creating a simple command line application that consumes a public API. I was initially confused on how to go about it, but after going through some online materials and discussing with a friend, I had quite an appreciable knowledge of the topic. I had to install node application as well “request” framework. I went for an API that has a simple documentation. It took some while before I could get some sample syntax on how to place a call to the API webservice, and also, some more time to get the codes to run without errors. I was eventually able to place a GET and POST request to the API web service and also received and perused the response from the service from my Command line. I felt great.

I realized that while trying to troubleshoot and fix an issue, I inadvertently learn many other areas of that topic or issues, hereby making me good in the area. I currently feel like someone that has been programming with Javascript all my life and I think I have fallen in love with it already and would like to adopt it as my preferred programming language.

One thing I have observed from this bootcamp so far is that I am expected to figure out the solutions to my problems myself; as fast as possible. We were expected to learn new stuffs and also apply the knowledge to solve certain problems within a short time. This is quite demanding and exciting. I appreciate its real world’s relevance