Dear Atheist…

You have a problem. You have an addiction. The thing you crave so much has blinded you to what you need. You crave to know. You feed on much knowledge, but are never content, because the more you know, the less you know.

This drug that gives you a momentary high, and causes you restlessness, is a disease to your bones. Knowledge is good, but Wisdom is better. Seek after Wisdom, and you shall receive knowledge and understanding.

You’ve been looking into those Scriptures long and hard. You think your diligence and persistence is evidence of your sincerity. But your pride, which you do not see, has blinded you. You know too much, and cannot learn the truth. No one pours new wine in old wine skins.

You need to stop. Just stop. Stop trying so hard to know. Stop and listen. Wait.

In your longing for the truth, wait. Wait in expectation. Wait, and believe that there is a Truth to know. Don’t start thinking about what it is. Just free your mind.

Expel all that you think you know. Abide in that place of foolishness. Yes, be in that place of uncertainty. Stay there and smash your pride…


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