He’s not psychopathic, he just doesn’t love you

Ladies, ever had one of those relationships where you seem to be going crazy trying to figure him out? He says he loves you, but things just don’t add up in the way that he treats you. You might wonder if he actually hears you when you speak, or maybe he doesn’t completely understand what you are trying to say, because no matter how often you correct and forgive him for doing wrong, he still does it anyway. And he still insists that he loves you.

Now, you want to believe that he loves you because he does some unusually nice things sometimes. He can be generous or attentive, but when you need him to listen because you are upset about something, there appears to be an inpenetrable wall between you, and you just can’t get any understanding. But you are sure he loves you, because he says so. And because of some of his good qualities, and well, there isn’t a perfect man out there, you second guess yourself, and overlook the fact that emotionally, you’re hurting and starving! And the one who should be your best friend, isn’t really a friend at all…

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