Those words will either humble you or anger you, but throughout our lives we will come across situations where we are shut out from. Where our input is not needed. Where we have no choice but to trust those with understanding and insight.

Truth is, as much as we may want to, we can’t possibly know nor understand everything. We don’t have the capacity! There are some things that are given to us to know…some things that are given to us to search out. And then there are things that are OUT OF BOUNDS. You can’t know them. You can’t search them. You can’t have them, nor can you comprehend, unless the One in Charge favours you to do so.

The realm of Faith is one such territory. The Atheist values his knowledge above all else, and is frustrated by this realm, where his ‘much’ knowledge and logical reasoning is neither needed nor valued. This is the territory of God, where He abides, and by which He chooses to run the world and the whole universe. This is His control tower…and they are shut out!

They can’t investigate it. They can’t validate it. They can’t know it. They can’t comprehend it…

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